Cross base Fogony for centre pole parasol

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The Fogony cross base is designed to be weighted with a minimum of four 20kg slabs each. Depending on the surface, it can also be anchored to the ground. It is compatible with all our centre pole parasols and parasols having a 48mm diameter pole.

Colour :

Charcoal grey

Cross base Fogony for centre pole parasol

Cross base Fogony for centre pole parasol

Colour :

Charcoal grey

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Delivery by 26 june

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Fogony cross base data sheet

Assembly instructions

Download the assembly instructions

Size and weight

The Fogony cross base for centre pole parasols has dimensions of 100x100x56cm and weighs 3.50kg.
It accommodates a pole with a diameter of 48mm.
The spacing of the pole base = ±130mm (oblong holes, allowing for slight variations in spacing. The given value is a median.)
Fixing screws for the base = Ø8mm.


The Fogony cross base for centre pole parasols is made of dark grey steel, painted with anti-rust paint.


Installing the Fogony cross base is straightforward. Simply insert the pole of your parasol into the base.

It is recommended to weight this parasol base with a minimum of four 20kg slabs each. You can find suitable slabs in our range of accessories on our website.


The Fogony cross base for straight parasols comes with a 2-year warranty.

Structure and technical features

We aim to deliver your Belveo parasol within 1 to 5 working days (excluding pre-orders). This timeframe accommodates for the occasional variances in delivery schedules, ensuring we cover peak periods and unexpected delays.

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Product care

Regularly rinse with fresh water and use a soft cloth and mild soap for routine maintenance. Avoid using corrosive products or brushes for cleaning. If the paint and undercoat treatment are deeply scratched, apply a waterproof varnish (transparent or in the colour of your product, ideally bi-component) to prevent water/air penetration and rust formation


Base compatible with the following parasols: Harmattan, Pampero, Bora, and Alizé.

Product name

The names of our products correspond to winds. For instance, 'Fogony' is a dry and warm wind that blows in the Swiss alpine valleys.

An affordable solution

Weight your parasol properly

The Fogony cross base is compatible with the following straight Belveo parasols: 3x3 (Harmattan), Ø2.75m (Alizé), 3x2m (Pampero), and Ø3.5m (Bora). This cross base was specifically developed to ensure optimal support for your straight parasol. It's recommended to weight this base with at least four 20kg slabs each.

Vos questions sur le pied en croix Fogony

How long will it take to be delivered?

We announce a delivery time of 1 to 5 working days. This means that you can sometimes be delivered earlier and sometimes a bit later, depending on the activity peaks.
Once you have placed an order on our website, your order will go directly to our warehouse to be packaged for delivery. Normally, once you make an order on our website it will be dispatched the next day! We estimate a delivery time of between 1 and 5 working days, taking into account unexpected circumstances that may arise ( strikes, public holiday or road works etc.).

What parasol base do I need?

We suggest that you first take into account your environment:
To each outdoor living configuration (terrace, garden, swimming pool, patio) and each type of ground (teak terrace, wooden terrace, stone terrace, grass terrace, paved terrace) its issues and its parasol base.

Then, it all depends on how you use your parasol. If the parasol is to remain stationary at all times, our slabs are ideal. But if you want absolute flexibility in the position of the parasol and want to move it easily, then our wheeled base is the perfect choice. In general, the wheeled base is the most suitable base.

What should I weight the base with?

In addition to the Fogony cross base, it is necessary to equip yourself with weighting slabs. We sell two models of slabs on our site. Fill the slabs of your parasol with water or sand. Note that sand is more compact and heavier by volume than water. Therefore, to maximize the weight of your base, you can put sand instead of water. It is also entirely possible to weight your parasol base with a mix of sand and water.

Is it possible to secure my parasol to the ground without using weights?

Yes, we offer several accessories to anchor your parasol to the ground, or to attach it with a ground plate. On our website, you can find the following bases: the Click in-ground base, the Fix mount base, and the Plug and Play mount base. If you are on a tight budget, you can even use the cross base that comes with our offset parasols and screw the cross base to the ground. We do not provide screws for attaching it to the ground, but the cross base of the parasol has pre-drilled holes to allow you to insert screws. This solution is not the most aesthetically pleasing or the least bulky, but it is a viable option for projects with limited budgets.

Is it possible to buy spare parts to repair my base?

Yes, if you have a problem with your wheeled base we can send you spare parts free of charge if you are still under warranty. You can also purchase these spare parts if you are no longer under warranty. In all cases we would like to offer you the replacement option as we believe it is better to repair than to buy.

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