Windproof centre pole parasol Pampero 3x2m - Polyester canopy

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Image to render Patented windproof system

Pampero parasol is equipped with two series of ribs: a rigid and static rib as well as a flexible rib integrated into the canopy. The flexible rib allows the canopy to reduce its resistance to the wind by mechanically rising at high wind and returning to its natural position as the wind weakens, without intervention on your part.

Image to render Interchangeable polyester canopy

The polyester canopy of the Pampero parasol is 210g/m2 thick. It is an over-dyed and anti-fading treated canopy. However, polyester, especially in dark colours (grey, brown), has a tendency to fade over time. In this case we recommend you change the canopy, not the parasol.

Image to render Ergonomic and 100% repairable parasol

The Pampero parasol umbrella has been designed to be fully repairable to increase its life span. It comes with a cross base, slabs or wheeled bases are not included.

Which type of fabric to choose?

Colour of the canopy / Frame finish :

Beige / Charcoal grey

Canopy material
Beige polyester
Beige polyester
  • 210g/m2 fabric thickness
  • Overdyed fabric
  • Anti-fading treatment
  • Water-repellent
  • UV Protection UPF 50+
  • 2-year guarantee

Polyester tends to fade, especially in darker colours (like grey or taupe).

Frame finish
Charcoal grey aluminium
Charcoal grey aluminium
  • Powder-coated in charcoal grey
  • Matte finish with a grainy texture
  • More scratch and dirt-resistant than the satin finishes commonly found on the market
  • Paint quality and type are on par with those used for aluminium windows and patio doors in salt-air environments

Make the most of your Belveo parasol

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Windproof centre pole parasol Pampero 3x2m - Polyester canopy

Windproof centre pole parasol Pampero 3x2m - Polyester canopy

Colour of the canopy / Frame finish :

Beige / Charcoal grey

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Delivery by 26 May

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Pampero parasol data sheet

Size and weight

The Pampero windproof parasol has a rectangular fabric of 3x2m.
Total height of the parasol: 2.50m
Height at the lowest point of the canopy (open parasol): 2.15m
Weight: 10,70kg
Outside diameter of the pole: 48mm octagonal shape
Inside diameter of the pole: 45mm octagonal shape
Packaging dimensions: 185x18x18cm


The polyester canopy for our windproof parasol has a thickness of 210g/m2. It is water repellent and UV resistant UPF 50+. An anti-fading treatment is also applied to the canopy, for a longer life span! However, polyester is subject to fading after several uses, especially on darker colours (grey, brown). In case of fading, change the fabric, not the parasol.


The cross base for 50x50cm slabs is not included.
The 50x50cm slabs are not included, but they can be purchased on our website.
The recommended minimum weight is 100kg.


The parasol has a 2-year warranty.

Structure and technical features

This centre pole parasol has an aluminium structure with anti-corrosion treatment and internal steel reinforcements. Flexible fibreglass ribs. Opening and closing is made easy by an aluminium crank.


We announce a delivery time of 1 to 5 working days. This means that you can sometimes be delivered earlier and sometimes a bit later, depending on the activity peaks.
Once you have placed an order on our website, your order will go directly to our warehouse to be packaged for delivery. Normally, once you make an order on our website it will be dispatched the next day!

Product care

Care instructions: Wash the canopy in cold soapy water, leave to dry outside.
Winter storage advice: Store the parasol in a dry and sheltered place. Protective covers are available on our website.


Compatible accessories:
Parasol base: Leste, Fogony, Ostro.
Protective cover and maintenance: Protective cover for centre pole paraols.

Product name

The names of our products refer to particular winds, in this case the Pampero is a cold, gusty wind that blows in Argentina and Uruguay.

Belveo's innovation

A parasol with a patented windproof system

This parasol is equipped with our patented windproof system. As wind is known to be the number one enemy of parasols, we have designed this ingenious system to ensure that our Belveo parasols do not break at the first gust of wind. This innovation consists of flexible fibreglass ribs that are directly integrated into the canopy and which lift up in windy conditions and return to their original position in calm weather. The canopy is simply wrapped around our rigid, double-reinforced ribs, which form the structure.

Easy to use for everyday life

An ingenious parasol that is easy to use

Belveo parasols are improved every year to make them even easier to handle and use. With its crank handle, the parasol can be opened and closed very easily. For even more convenience, the parasol can be equipped with a wheeled base. This allows you to adjust to the direction of the sun.

Built to last

A parasol designed to be 100% repairable

Outdoor products often suffer more damage than other products. Wind breaks down structures, sun and moonlight fade fabrics, rain damages furniture and salt air rusts metal. We didn’t want our parasols to end up in the bin after a few uses so we have made the lifespan of our products a company priority. So if something goes wrong during the product's warranty period, we can often offer you a repair solution. Outside the warranty period, you can obtain all the spare parts you need and we will guide you through the repair process.

Very good value for money

A durable polyester canopy

The polyester canopy is water repellent, interchangeable, anti-UV UPF 50+ and has a 2-year guarantee. With a polyester canopy, we advise you to opt for light colours (white, cream) to avoid fading of the canopy. Darker colours (grey & brown) are sensitive to fading and lose their colour more quickly than lighter ones.

Your questions about the parasol Pampero 3x2m - Polyester

How long will it take to be delivered?

We announce a delivery time of 1 to 5 working days. This means that you can sometimes be delivered earlier and sometimes a bit later, depending on the activity peaks.
Once you have placed an order on our website, your order will go directly to our warehouse to be packaged for delivery. Normally, once you make an order on our website it will be dispatched the next day! We estimate a delivery time of between 1 and 5 working days, taking into account unexpected circumstances that may arise (strikes, public holiday or road works etc.).

What are the differences between polyester, olefin and acrylic canopies?

Polyester is the standard fabric used on our parasol canopies, which we treat with anti-UV UPF 50+ and provide a 2 year guarantee. However, it is particularly sensitive to fading, especially on dark colours.
The acrylic fabric offers more freshness due to its micro-perforation, which allows for air to pass through better. Our acrylic sheets are manufactured in France by Dickson, the world leader in outdoor fabrics and the best quality for parasol canopies.

Can I use my parasol in the rain?

Our parasol canopies are water-repellent. This means that water does not penetrate the parasol’s canvas, to a certain level. Our canopies are not waterproof so will not hold up well against very heavy rainfall or storms. The choice to be only water-repellent is related to the primary use of the parasol. Our canopies are designed to allow air to pass through easily to avoid a baking effect in Summer, which a waterproof canopy would not allow. In brief, even if they can be used during light rain, our parasols are not umbrellas. You can be confident that even a large amount of water will not damage the canopy or the parasol. Nevertheless, we recommend that you buy a protective cover if you wish to leave your parasol in the rain, in order to protect the canopy.

What is the wind resistance of our parasols?

In real-life tests, winds of up to 90km/h have been measured with the parasol in the horizontal position and it does not break. As a general recommendation, we would like to appeal to our customers' common sense and recommend not to use our Belveo parasols when the local weather service announces winds of more than 80km/h.

Is the base included? What type of base do I need?

Our pictures usually show the parasol with its base to better project it in its environment but the base is not included with the parasol. It must therefore be purchased separately. You can go for a set of 4 slabs if you want our standard package.
If you want to move your parasol easily on your terrace, you can use a wheeled base.


Which parasol suits you best ?

Size, frame, canopy, accessories...
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