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Our unique patent: Advanced windproof technology

Belveo parasols are equipped with two series of ribs: a rigid and static rib as well as a flexible rib integrated into the canopy. The flexible rib allows the canopy to reduce its resistance to the wind by mechanically rising at high wind and returning to its natural position as the wind weakens, without intervention on your part.

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The windproof patent: Unique and innovative design


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Uncompromised quality & lasting durability

We design products to last as long as possible. We believe that a beautiful place creates beautiful moments. We like to challenge ourselves to improve. We still have a lot to achieve but we are already proud to offer:

✔ Acrylic canopies that don't fade
✔ Interchangeable canopies that are stain and mildew resistant
✔ Made in France and recyclable fabrics
✔ Strengthened frames on all of our parasols
✔ A premium and beautiful product with nice colours


Commitment to excellence & innovation

"At Belveo we select the most resistant materials to obtain an outstanding quality. We design products that are easy to use so that you can enjoy the beautiful days with peace of mind."

Our flagship parasols: Top choices for quality

Parasol Mistral 3x4m - Polyester canopy
From £599
Parasol Foehn 3x3m - Olefin canopy
From £749
Charcoal greyTaupeEcru
Parasol Mistral 3x4m - Olefin canopy
From £849
Charcoal greyTaupeEcruTerracotta+ 1 more
Parasol Mistral 3x4m - Acrylic canopy
Charcoal greyBeigeRed

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