Fed up with replacing your parasols every season?

Explore our highly durable, wind-resistant parasols – perfect for hotels, restaurants, and campsites looking for long-term solutions and peace of mind.

Ultra-resistant wind parasols

★★★★★ - Quality and windproof!

"The parasols meet our needs and their function perfectly. The wind resistance is real, and the quality of the materials is top-notch. We have gained in quality of service and image."

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Why do Belveo parasols last so much longer?

Our parasols last on average 3 times longer than a conventional parasol.

How does it work?

Our parasols feature innovative flexible ribs that adjust to wind conditions, automatically elevating to reduce wind resistance during gusts and returning to their original position as the wind calms. This smart design minimises wind load, preventing structural damage and ensuring durability.

The problem with traditional parasols

While traditional parasols offer sun protection, they often fall short in extreme weather, leading to frequent replacements. Many professionals annually find themselves in a cycle of re-purchasing parasols, unable to secure a lasting solution against the challenges of rain and wind.

Belveo solution

At Belveo we have developed a patented windproof system to prevent parasols from breaking at the slightest gust of wind. Our parasols last on average 3 times longer than conventional parasols, and in addition to their wind resistance, they are 100% repairable. Their canopy is colourfast and interchangeable, so your product will last longer! Why change your parasol when you can change your canopy?

Traditional parasol vs Belveo parasol

The major difference between a Belveo parasol and a traditional parasol is its lifespan! With Belveo, the parasol breaks less, and if you have the slightest problem you can replace its canopy or any other part: it's 100% repairable.
So why not invest in peace of mind?

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Beyond weather woes with Belveo

With our patented windproof parasols, there's no risk of your parasol flying off in the middle of a service, no need to bring your parasol in every evening... At Belveo, we put everything in place so that you can concentrate on what's important: your customers!

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