How to choose the perfect parasol ?

Embrace the sunshine with the right parasol! As the UK enjoys its sunny days, a parasol becomes essential for outdoor comfort. But which model suits your needs? Centre pole or cantilever? Slabs or wheeled base? Size and shape? Belveo's guide simplifies your decision-making process in 6 easy steps.

Belveo has designed the guide to make the best choice for you.


Choosing my parasol structure

Our parasols, whether centre pole or cantilever, boast anti-corrosion treated aluminium frames and internal steel reinforcement. They're designed for longevity, with every part 100% repairable. Encounter an issue? We've got all the spare parts you'll need. Plus, our UK-tailored wind-resistant design ensures your parasol withstands the British weather.

Centre pole parasol

➕ Perfect for limited space areas
➕ A must-have for garden tables with a central hole
➕ Also great between two sun loungers
➕ Requires less weighting
➕ Low maintenance and easy to store in winter
➖ Less mobile and versatile than the cantilever parasol
➖ The pole is situated in the middle of the shaded area

Cantilever parasol

➕ Ideal for large spaces (terraces, gardens, pools)
➕ Offers unobstructed protection without a central pole or mast.
➕ Tilts and rotates 360° to follow the sun, providing all-day protection without needing to move the base
➕ Generally larger in size than straight parasols
➖ Choose wisely for smaller areas; check dimensions first


Choosing my parasol frame finish

Belveo parasols feature frames coated in a protective paint to ensure the longest possible lifespan. This year, we're offering three structure finishes.

Charcoal grey aluminium

✔ Powder-coated in charcoal grey
✔ Matte finish with a grainy texture
✔ More scratch and dirt-resistant than the satin finishes commonly found on the market
✔ Paint quality and type are on par with those used for aluminium windows and patio doors in salt-air environments.

Silver grey anodised aluminium

✔ Anodisation is not paint but a treatment that thickens the natural oxidation layer on raw aluminium, enhancing its corrosion resistance
✔ Less prone to scratching than paint and naturally resistant to fingerprints
✔ Brushed appearance with a grainy, matte tint
✔ Similar in look to brushed stainless steel.

Wood effect aluminium

✔ Lacquered for optimal anti-corrosion protection
✔ Wood effect achieved through heat transfer on the aluminium frame
✔ Neutral shade, ranging from medium to dark, to ensure the most natural appearance possible
✔ The wood effect is knot-free and has a matte finish, allowing it to blend seamlessly into any setting.


Choosing my parasol canopy

All our canopies are interchangeable. Extend the life of your products by updating them to your taste or the latest trends! In case of fading, switch out the canopy instead of the entire parasol. For example, an acrylic canopy can replace a polyester or olefin one on a parasol of the same size. It's worth noting that polyester tends to fade, especially in darker colours (like grey or taupe). For prolonged use, we recommend choosing an olefin or acrylic canopy.

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Polyester canopy

Normal use ⭑ ⭑ ⭒ ⭒ ⭒

✔ 210g/m2 fabric thickness
✔ Overdyed fabric
✔ Anti-fading treatment
✔ Water-repellent
✔ UV Protection UPF 50+
✔ 2-year guarantee

Olefin canopy

Semi-Intensive use ⭑ ⭑ ⭑ ⭑ ⭒

✔ 190g/m2 fabric thickness
✔ Mass-dyed fabric
✔ Fade resistance
✔ Water-repellent
✔ UV Protection UPF 80+
✔ 5-year guarantee
✔ Fabric made in Spain

Acrylic canopy

Intensive use ⭑ ⭑ ⭑ ⭑ ⭑

✔ 208g/m2 fabric thickness
✔ Mass-dyed fibre
✔ Fade resistance
✔ Water-repellent and anti-mold
✔ UV Protection UPF 80+
✔ 5-year guarantee
✔ Made in France

UV resistance of colours

The acrylic canopy is by far the most resistant to UV exposure, thanks to its mass-dyed fibre which colours the thread thoroughly. Even after 4000 hours of exposure, the colour remains steadfast. Olefin also offers excellent UV resistance due to its mass-dyed fabric. Lastly, polyester, more suitable for occasional use, is prone to more fading, particularly in darker shades.

Round, square or Rectangular Canopy

Choosing the shape and size of my canopy

Our range includes round, square, and rectangular parasols, each with 8 sturdy ribs. Find the shape that best fits your UK outdoor setting. Our sizes range from compact Ø3m to expansive 3x4m options.

Round parasol

The round parasol is perfect for shading a round table or smaller spaces like balconies and small terraces.
Available sizes: from Ø3m to Ø3.30m

Square parasol

The square parasol is highly versatile, suitable for all kinds of spaces including terraces, balconies, gardens, and pool areas.
Available sizes: 3x3m

Rectangular parasol

The rectangular parasol is ideal for long tables or large spaces. In smaller sizes, it is well-suited for elongated terraces.
Available sizes: from 3x2m to 3x4m


What can I put under which parasol ?

Under a 3x3m parasol

A 6-8 seat garden lounge set
A rectangular table for 6-8 people

Under a 3x4m parasol

A 10 seat garden lounge set
A rectangular table for 10 people


Choosing my canopy colour

Whether it's a polyester, olefin, or acrylic canopy, light-coloured fabrics allow more light to pass through while better dissipating heat under the parasol. Dark-coloured fabrics, on the other hand, allow less light through but retain more heat underneath.

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Polyester colours

Polyester canopies are available in the following colours: ecru, beige, taupe, and charcoal grey.

Olefin colours

Olefin canopies are available in the following colours: charcoal grey, ecru and taupe.

Acrylic colours

Acrylic canopies are available in the following colours: red, beige, ecru and charcoal grey.

Base and cover

Choosing my parasol accessories

Weighting, protective cover... with our diverse range of models you might find yourself a bit confused. Discover the accessories that will best suit your chosen model. Moreover, when you use our website, on the page “ parasol accessories” use the “compatibility” filter to help you find what you’re looking for.

The essentials

Parasol base
Choose between the attractiveness
of the slabs or the mobility of the wheeled base.

The must-have

Protective cover
To be chosen according to your parasol to protect it
from moisture and prevent discolouration.

Still hesitating?

Find out which parasols we recommend for your space.