Summer is just around the corner and you have decided to invest in a parasol to enjoy the sunny days sheltered from the sun. You will find on the market different models of parasols with polyester or acrylic fabrics. We will decipher for you the characteristics of these two types of canvas to help you choose which one is right for you.



The polyester fabric

The first type of canvas that is available for sale is polyester canvas. This is the standard fabric on the market. It offers a very good UV protection. Polyester fabrics are the ones we offer on the majority of our Belveo parasols. They will suit most people because they are perfect for home use. They will suit you if you plan to use your parasol a few weeks a year. 

Although polyester fabric is water repellent, it is not waterproof. It is therefore preferable to store it or use a parasol cover to protect it. 

The disadvantage of polyester canvases is that they are colored by soaking and are therefore sensitive to UV over the long term. The risk is that the color of your parasol, if it is bright, will fade over the years of use. 

However, on Belveo umbrellas, the covers are interchangeable, so it is possible to give your umbrella a second life in two minutes.   

Acrylic canvas

The acrylic canvas has many advantages. This type of canvas is perfectly suited for professional use (cafes, restaurants, hotels, campgrounds, communities ...).

Secondly, acrylic fabric offers a higher level of UV protection than some traditional polyester fabrics. This level of protection is measured by the UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). Acrylic fabrics are 50 UPF+, which is the maximum protection factor!



Finally, acrylic fabrics are generally more resistant. Indeed, acrylic is difficult to tear, is particularly wind resistant, is waterproof and is therefore not affected by bad weather thanks to its water repellent effect. Finally, mold and mildew have no impact on Sunbrella Dickson acrylic. There is therefore no risk that your fabric will have unsightly stains impregnated into it.

In order to offer the best quality to its customers, Belveo now offers Sunbrella acrylic canvas for two of its pro models. As a little bonus, these acrylic canvases are available in a new range of colors.

In the end, what to choose? 

Your final choice must therefore be made according to the use you wish to make of your parasol. For a classic use, a polyester fabric will be more than enough. On the other hand, if you plan to use it intensively, it's preferable to opt for an acrylic canvas. Of course, this represents an investment, but the quality will be there and you will have a parasol that will resist to the sun as well as to the bad weather. 

February 14, 2022 — Emma Fenouil