Belveo offers on its website about fifteen different models of parasols. There is something for everyone: parasol with central pole, with offset pole, a classic range, a pro range, different sizes of canvas, several possible colors of canvas. One can sometimes be a little lost in the middle of all these references. That's why in this article, we present you the different options available to you so that you can make the right choice.

Central pole umbrella or offset pole umbrella?

The central pole parasol is the one we all know. Center pole parasols are mainly designed to be placed in the center of a table and have the advantage of being very stable. It can also be placed between two deckchairs. The disadvantage of this type of umbrella is that it is not very flexible. For example, it can not be tilted. They are therefore not the ones that are best suited to protect you throughout the day. You will find at Belveo umbrellas with central poles with octagonal, rectangular or square canvases.

The offset pole parasol has the advantage of being able to be tilted almost vertically and rotate 360°. This way, you can adjust its position according to the sun's movements without having to move its base. This makes them a top-of-the-line parasol. This type of umbrella generally offers a larger shade area than a center pole umbrella. You can also find different shapes of canvases for parasols with offset pole. 

For more details, we refer you to our article dedicated to this subject: Which parasol to choose - central or deported pole?

Classic or pro range?

The pro range will be more adapted if you wish to have an intensive use of your parasol. We recommend this range to restaurants, hotels, camping sites or communities, even if individuals can also turn to the pro range for a better quality. This range allows us to offer professionals a superior quality thanks to 100% aluminum poles and a water-repellent and UV-resistant fabric with a weight of 250g/m2.

What atmosphere do I want to give to my exterior?  

Once you've decided which style of umbrella to choose, you'll have one more question to ask yourself, and not the least! It's time to choose the atmosphere you want to give to your garden or terrace. Belveo offers different canvas colors depending on the model. In addition, the covers are interchangeable so you can always change it to bring a different style.

For a pure, bohemian or elegant spirit, we recommend you to choose an ecru, beige or sand canvas. The light colors will bring clarity by letting the light pass more than dark colors.



For a cozier look, we recommend colors such as gray or taupe. This will bring a warm side to your exterior. In addition, darker colors absorb more UV rays and maintain a pleasant temperature under the umbrella.

Finally, if you want to stand out from the crowd, don't hesitate to opt for bright and original colors such as red or our new Storm Blue. This way, your garden will look like no other!



Now you have all the information you need to choose your Belveo parasol! No matter which model you choose, remember that Belveo parasols all have one thing in common: they are windproof thanks to the patented EASYWIND system and are built to last!

February 14, 2022 — Briana Ntolla