Can you feel summer coming on? Would you like to invite the whole family to lunch outside? Or your friends to come and have an aperitif on the terrace?  The first rays of the sun have barely shown their face and you already have to review your garden furniture if you want to invite them in good conditions. 

However, it's at this moment that you realize that your current parasol will probably not last the summer. Faded canvas, damaged frame or broken ribs due to the wind, you realize that you absolutely need a new umbrella to spend good moments with your loved ones this summer. 

But where to start? Should you choose a straight parasol with a central pole or an offset pole?

What about dimensions? Here are our answers 

The central pole parasol

The center pole parasol is simply a straight parasol. This is the most classic model. Its canvas is centered above the parasol stand and can be square, rectangular or round



The central pole parasol has the advantage of being well balanced and therefore very stable. If you have a hole in the middle of your garden table, you will be able to insert it easily and the table will also contribute to reinforce the stability of the parasol, also reinforced by its weighted foot. 

The parasol with offset pole  

The offset pole parasol is an angled parasol, equipped with an eccentric and rotating articulated arm, allowing it to take any position.

Its canvas is eccentric above the umbrella stand and can also be square, rectangular or round



The offset pole umbrella is generally larger than the central pole umbrella, making it ideal for larger patios because it has a larger shading area. Regardless of its shape, it tilts and rotates 360° to follow the sun and protect you throughout the day, without having to move its base. It's actually more expensive than a central pole umbrella.   

So, which type of umbrella should you choose? 

Choose a parasol with a central pole

If you have space constraints on your terrace. It will take up less space on your deck, especially if you decide to place it in the middle of your garden table. You can also install it in your garden between two deckchairs or near a swimming pool between two deckchairs. 

On the other hand, opt for a central pole if you want to choose stability above all. Naturally balanced and maintained on the ground by a weighted support, the central pole is undoubtedly the most stable parasol. 

The disadvantage is that it's not very flexible: even if there are umbrellas with straight adjustable poles, it's difficult to shelter everyone from the sun at certain times of the day. 

Choose a parasol with an offset pole

 If you have a large patio or larger shaded areas to protect in your garden. The big advantage of the offset pole umbrella is that it allows you to easily protect yourself from the sun at any time of the day thanks to the tilt and rotation of its articulated arm.

You can therefore easily install it anywhere in your garden or terrace, next to a table or a pool. Finally, in addition to its functional side, the parasol with offset pole is also very design. 

Its disadvantage is the stability. Sometimes, if the wind reaches a really high speed, the umbrella may tip over. You will have to choose a foot heavy enough so that the parasol will not be blown away. Some models have a cross-shaped foot, to be weighted with concrete slabs (strongly recommended). Others have a fastening system, to attach it solidly to a terrace for example. 

February 14, 2022 — Emma Fenouil