That's it, unfortunately summer is over and the barbecue season is coming to an end. With the autumn coming up, it's time to think about storing your garden furniture in order to put it away for next year. It's also time to fold your parasol and to keep it in the best conditions, an accessory is essential : the protective cover.

Protective covers

The protective covers are specially designed for parasols. You put it on the parasol when it's folded. There are some for cantilever or central pole parasols.

A protective cover will allow several things. First, it will protect your parasol from humidity, which will prevent the formation of mildew on the canvas or rust on the pole. To avoid it, it's very important to fold your parasol and put its cover. Make sure to put it on only when it's completely dry. Otherwise, moisture will stagnate inside and risk damaging the material

Then, the protective cover will protect your parasol against insects or other dirt that could come on your parasol. 

A parasol being an important investment, it's normal to do everything possible to preserve it to the maximum. This is why the protective cover is essential.

What does Belveo offer you?

On our Eshop, you can find protective covers that are suited to our parasols. We have two for the classic range and two for the PRO range. For both ranges, you will find a cover designed for parasols with central pole and one for parasols with offset pole

Our protective covers have the advantage of being resistant and water repellent. So if you can't store your parasol indoors during the winter, it will still be protected against wind and weather. 

The cover can also be used to protect the canvas from UV sunlight that could discolor the canvas during the summer, when you're not using the parasol.

Moreover, the protective covers offered by Belveo can be put on and taken off very easily thanks to a rigid rod and a string attached to the zipper. 


You now have all the keys in hand to choose the right cover for your parasol. We can only advise you not to neglect this accessory which, for about forty euros, will allow you to correctly protect your parasol and thus extend its life !

February 14, 2022 — Briana Ntolla