Our parasols are put to the test by being outside : sun, wind, rain. They have to cope with everything. Unfortunately, sometimes it doesn't go as planned and we can have some problems. We present you today the 4 most frequent problems on parasols and especially how to avoid them !

Problem n°1: The discoloration of the canvas


The first problem that a parasol can face is the discoloration of the canvas. Indeed, the canvas is subjected to the attack of UV rays during the whole summer which can damage the color of the canvas if it's not of excellent quality. To remedy this, we advise you to turn to acrylic canvas which are of better quality because the color is really impregnated in the heart of the fiber. In general, we recommend that you choose light colored fabrics such as white or ecru because the color will not fade. Also beware of the moon's rays which can also damage the fabric. The best thing to do is to close your parasol and put it back in its protective cover as soon as you don't use it.

Problem n°2 & n°3: Mold & Rust

The second problem you can have on a parasol is the mildew of the canvas. This happens when the umbrella is exposed to moisture or when you fold it while it's still wet. To avoid this, the best thing to do is to never fold your parasol if it's not completely dry. Secondly, we recommend that you put the parasol in its cover during bad weather or during the winter and, if possible, keep it indoors in a dry place where humidity cannot reach it.

Problem n°4: Breaks due to wind

Finally, the last problem with umbrellas is that they tend to break in strong winds. The canvas can tear and the structure can break. The first thing to do to avoid this is to be careful. When you feel the wind getting stronger, don't take any risks and close your parasol. Otherwise Belveo offers you a solution with wind resistant parasols. Belveo parasols are all equipped with a patented system of two rows of ribs. This allows the canvas to rise when the wind is strong and then to return to its original position when the weather is calm again. No more parasols that fly away or break !

As you know, at Belveo, our goal is to create umbrellas that last a long time and that's why we also give you tips so that your umbrella will accompany you for many seasons.

February 14, 2022 — Briana Ntolla