Across the UK

Belveo journey

Nature as our inspiration

The wind, the sun, the sea, the salt air... All these natural conditions shape the landscape. We observe, for example, trees bent by the wind, or cliffs carved by the sea. These phenomena are part of the history of each place and contribute to its charm. In the outdoors, products are also exposed to the power of the elements. As a result: too often, too quickly, we are forced to throw away our outdoor furniture and buy new ones. We see this all the time when working in the industry, and from talking to friends and customers.

Our story

From Easywind to Belveo: an intergenerational handover

The entrepreneurial spirit

Our project

Fascinated by this sector and being a lover of the outdoors, Ed decided to undertake a project to change things at his level. Very quickly, a powerful group of people joined the project. Belveo is a brand of innovative outdoor furniture, designed to last.

International impact

A dream team

The Belveo team is now composed of 15 outdoor enthusiasts. With offices in Paris, Marseille, London and Madrid, we want to offer you the best shading solutions so that you can enjoy your outdoors!

Environmental impact focused

We are committed to making a strong and positive impact on the way our industry works. This means offering affordable prices to reach a large number of people.

How can we offer innovation and design, while maintaining an affordable price? We get the word out and spend very little on marketing.

How do we do this?

We sell through different channels (retail shops, website, online marketplaces) and we don't own a shop. This allows us to make our products visible at low cost. Our innovations are the focus of attention, especially in the media. By investing in great customer service and great products, we increase our chances of getting a lot of positive feedback.

We‘re always looking for improvements

The wind resistance of our parasols, their interchangeable canopies and their 100% repairable structure contribute greatly to the extension of their life span. We are starting to produce some of our products in Europe and we are constantly working on reparability. This is a good start, but we still have a long way to go.

The durability of our products is our priority. We want to make it an indicator as important as the company's profitability or cash flow.

We are aiming to prioritise important projects and we want to better understand the environmental impact of our entire business. We are assessing improvements that can be made to our system, looking at our raw materials, delivery, and of course not forgetting the end of life of the products.

Other outdoor furniture isn't durable and doesn’t last long enough. We need to innovate and offer solutions for more products.