Parasol base Ostro for cantilever parasol

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The Ostro weighted slabs are specially designed for our parasol cross base. They can be filled with water and/or sand. They are wedged over the cross base so that it cannot move away.

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Windproof cantilever parasol Foehn 3x3m - Olefin canopy

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Frame finish: Silver grey

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Frame finish: Charcoal grey

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Parasol base Ostro for cantilever parasol

Parasol base Ostro for cantilever parasol

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Delivery by 31 Jul

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Ostro slabs data sheet

Size and weight

The Ostro slabs are sold in sets of 4 and are specially designed for the cross-base of our parasols.
Each slab has a size of 50x50x10cm. When empty, the 4 slabs weigh 9kg. When weighted, the slabs reach a weight of 21kg each with water and 32kg with sand.
Packaging dimensions: 53,5x 46x52,5cm.
Packaging weight: 10.70kg.


Les dalles Ostro pour parasol droit et déporté sont en plastique noir, ce qui les rend résistantes aux intempéries et à l'usure.


Fill all your slabs with water and/or sand to ensure the stability of your parasol. The Ostro slabs are compatible with all Belveo parasols.


The set of 4 Ostro weighting slabs comes with a 2-year warranty.

Structure and technical features

The Ostro slabs have specific notches on each slab to make them easier to move.


We aim to deliver your Belveo parasol within 1 to 5 working days (excluding pre-orders). This timeframe accommodates for the occasional variances in delivery schedules, ensuring we cover peak periods and unexpected delays.

Once you place your order on our website, it's promptly sent to our warehouse for preparation. In most cases, orders placed are dispatched the very next day! We quote a 5-working-day delivery window to account for potential unforeseen events such as strikes, public holidays, or unexpected road incidents that might affect the courier services.

Rest assured, we strive to get your order to you as swiftly and efficiently as possible, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Product care

Care instructions: To avoid damaging your slabs, it is recommended not to step on them.


Slabs compatible with the following parasols: Foehn, Mistral, Zonda, Vendavel, Harmattan, Pampero, Bora, Alizé and Levanter.

Product name

The names of our products refer to particular winds, in this case the Ostro is a wind that blows from the south. It is also called the South wind.

Best quality-price ratio

Heavy-duty weighting slabs

C’est la solution de lestage la plus simple. Ce lot de 4 dalles à lester d’eau ou de sable vous permet de profiter de votre parasol Belveo en tout sérénité en lui procurant un équilibre optimal. Nos dalles Ostro disposent d’encoches spécifiques sur chaque dalle pour vous permettre de les déplacer plus facilement. Pour une meilleure stabilité du parasol, ces dalles ont été conçues pour se fixer à cheval sur la base en croix du parasol. Elles sont compatibles aussi bien avec nos parasols Belveo droits que déportés. Néanmoins, leur taille étant assez imposante au sol, nous vous les conseillons davantage pour un parasol déporté. C’est la solution avec le meilleur rapport qualité prix pour équiper votre parasol déporté.

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Your questions about the set of 4 Ostro slabs

How long will it take to be delivered?

We announce a delivery time of 1 to 5 working days. This means that you can sometimes be delivered earlier and sometimes a bit later, depending on the activity peaks.
Once you have placed an order on our website, your order will go directly to our warehouse to be packaged for delivery. Normally, once you make an order on our website it will be dispatched the next day! We estimate a delivery time of between 1 and 5 working days, taking into account unexpected circumstances that may arise ( strikes, public holiday or road works etc.).

What parasol base do I need?

We suggest that you first take into account your environment:
To each outdoor living configuration (terrace, garden, swimming pool, patio) and each type of ground (teak terrace, wooden terrace, stone terrace, grass terrace, paved terrace) its issues and its parasol base.

Then, it all depends on how you use your parasol. If the parasol is to remain stationary at all times, our slabs are ideal. But if you want absolute flexibility in the position of the parasol and want to move it easily, then our wheeled base is the perfect choice. In general, the wheeled base is the most suitable base.

What should I use to weight the slabs of my parasol ?

You can weight down your parasol's slabs with water or sand. Note, however, that sand is heavier than water - this may be important especially if you want to move your parasol/tiles regularly. 
The more weight the parasol has, the more stable it will be against the wind. We therefore advise weighting with sand if possible.

If you are in a very windy area: if possible, we advise you to use our roller feet, as these feet are heavier once weighted than our slabs.

How do I take care of my weighting slabs ?

To ensure that your weighting slabs last over time, we advise you not to step on them.

Is it possible to buy spare parts to repair my slabs ?

Yes, if you have a problem with your slabs, we can send you spare parts (single slabs or plugs) free of charge if you are still under warranty. You can also buy these spare parts if you are no longer under warranty. In all cases we would like to offer you the option of replacement as we believe it is better to repair than to buy.

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