Parasol for public authorities

Belveo parasols are equipped with two series of ribs: a rigid and static rib as well as a flexible rib integrated into the canopy. In case of a gust, the wind resistance is reduced and the structure does not break.

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Parasol Foehn 3x3m - Polyester canopy
From £449
Parasol Foehn 3x3m - Olefin canopy
From £649
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Parasol Foehn 3x3m - Acrylic canopy
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Parasol Mistral 3x4m - Olefin canopy
From £749
Charcoal greyTaupeEcruTerracotta+ 1 more
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Patented windproof system
Parasol Mistral 3x4m - Acrylic canopy
Charcoal greyBeigeRed
Parasol Pampero 3x2m - Olefin canopy
Parasol Harmattan 3x3m - Olefin canopy
Charcoal grey
Parasol Harmattan 3x3m - Acrylic canopy
Bundle - Parasol Foehn 3x3m polyester & Wheeled base Ponant
£630 £748 Sale
Charcoal greyTaupe
Bundle - Parasol Zonda Ø3m polyester & Wheeled base Ponant
£599 £648 Sale
Charcoal greyTaupe
Windproof cantilever parasol Zonda Ø3m - Polyester canopy - Last year's range
£300 £349 Sale
TaupeCharcoal grey

Your frequently asked questions about Belveo’s commercial windproof parasol

What are the advantages as a company buying from Belveo?

We aim to deliver your Belveo parasol within 1 to 5 working days. This timeframe accommodates for the occasional variances in delivery schedules, ensuring we cover peak periods and unexpected delays.

Once you place your order on our website, it's promptly sent to our warehouse for preparation. In most cases, orders placed are dispatched the very next day! We quote a 5-working-day delivery window to account for potential unforeseen events such as strikes, public holidays, or unexpected road incidents that might affect the courier services.

Rest assured, we strive to get your order to you as swiftly and efficiently as possible, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Are Belveo products appropriate for professional use?

Belveo products are perfectly suited for commercial use. Our patented windproof system guarantees customer safety in all weather conditions, while the easy-to-maintain, interchangeable canopies ensure hassle-free upkeep. Designed with versatility in mind, our parasols adapt to various space requirements and are ideal for dynamic environments. Importantly, they are engineered for easy repairs, ensuring durability and longevity across changing seasons. Trust Belveo to provide reliable and adaptable solutions for your commercial outdoor spaces.

Can Belveo canopies be customised?

Currently, Belveo canopies are not customisable. Our commitment to maintaining high standards of quality and effectiveness means we have yet to find the right partner who can meet our bespoke design needs without compromising these core values. This decision also enables us to ensure swift delivery times. We understand the appeal of personalised designs and are working towards offering this option in the future, without sacrificing the quality our customers expect.

How to choose between a straight and a cantilever parasol?

The ideal choice of parasol largely depends on how you intend to use it. For instance, if it’s for smaller areas, such as beside a swimming pool or in a city patio, our straight parasol is an excellent fit due to its compact design.

On the other hand, our cantilever parasol offers greater versatility. Its offset pole frees up space beneath the canopy, and the 360-degree rotation feature adds to its flexibility, making it a perfect all-rounder.

For business settings or commercial use, we generally recommend the cantilever parasol, as its design caters well to diverse outdoor spaces and usage requirements.

Which weighting solutions are recommended for professionals?

The recommended weighting solutions depend on the desired use. If your space is limited and the footprint must be minimal, we recommend the slabs. If you need a mobile parasol, so that you can adjust your terrace to suit your wishes and those of your customers, we recommend the wheeled base.

Advantageous products and services for professionals

A patented windproof parasol for businesses

The French city of Vichy has adopted Belveo

Local authorities have very specific problems, such as invoicing or the need for a large stock in a short time. It is exactly for these reasons that the city of Vichy chose Belveo, with the added bonus of windproof and heavy-duty parasols.


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