When you are looking for protection from the sun when you are in your garden, the first idea that comes to mind is the parasol. It is a real must-have for the summer. However, the sunshade has now some worries. The shade sails, aesthetic and practical use intend to make a place in the gardens.


First of all, we have the parasols, a great classic. Some may have a love-hate relationship with them because of their tendency to break easily. Nevertheless, they are still a great choice to protect you from the sun. To prevent breakage and make your umbrella last longer, Belveo has designed umbrellas with a patented wind-resistant system. They have a double row of ribs that allow the canvas to rise in case of wind and then to come back in place by itself when the weather becomes calm. With a central or offset pole, with several shapes and colors of canvas, you will find one to your taste!

Shade sails 

An aesthetic alternative 



A shade sail is a fabric that is stretched over the area that you want to shade. There are different shapes: triangular, rectangular, square. You also have a wide choice of colors that will allow you to bring the atmosphere you want to your garden. The little extra is that it's possible to superimpose two canvases, of the same color or of different colors, for an even more original decoration. 

A convenient alternative

There are several ways in which a shade sail is more practical than a parasol:

First, the installation time is faster for a shade sail. All you have to do is hang the different ends on hooks attached to the wall of your house or on poles designed for this purpose. You won't have to spend time opening and closing it like a parasol because once it is installed, there is nothing more to do.

Tips: When installing your shade sail, we recommend that you stretch it tightly to avoid water pockets and also that you install your shade sail at a slight angle to allow water to run off more easily in case of bad weather.

Then, unlike a parasol, whether it has a central pole or an offset pole, a shade sail does not encumber the ground with a foot and therefore does not obstruct the passage around a table. 

Finally, the last advantage of shade sails is that they are very resistant. Their fabric allows you to protect yourself effectively from the sun's rays, don't deform thanks to their elasticity, are water repellent for some and are wind resistant. With these characteristics, all the conditions are met for you to keep your shade cloth long!

An economical alternative

One last point to note is that a shade sail can be a good option if you don't want to invest in a sunshade with the patented Belveo system that still represents a certain cost. With a price under 100€, shade sails are a more affordable choice.  

As you can see, shade sails have many advantages. So will you be seduced by the aerial shade sails or will you prefer to stay with the unchanging parasols?

February 14, 2022 — Emma Fenouil