When aiming to create a comfortable and welcoming outdoor area, the question arises: pergola or parasol? Each option has its distinct advantages, but the choice ultimately depends on your specific needs, available space, and lifestyle preferences.

The versatility of parasols

A parasol is an ideal choice if you're looking for an effective solution to shield yourself from the sun. Whether it's for your terrace, poolside, or garden, a parasol offers optimal shading precisely where you need it. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes (square, rectangular, or round), and styles, they provide fresh options to match your outdoor setting.

There are two main categories of parasols: cantilever and straight, each with unique features to cater to your outdoor space's specific needs.

The cantilever parasol: flexibility and elegance

Cantilever parasols are celebrated for their great flexibility and versatility. Unlike the straight parasol, the cantilever design features an offset pole, allowing the canopy's orientation to be adjusted in seconds to follow the sun's trajectory throughout the day. This provides greater freedom of movement and space arrangement under the parasol, perfect for setting up garden furniture or loungers.

At Belveo, our cantilever parasols boast an added advantage over traditional models: they are patented for wind resistance. Equipped with rigid yet flexible ribs integrated into the canopy, they are designed to reduce wind capture.

Our parasols are fully repairable, thanks to a stock of spare parts available to extend their lifespan. During the warranty period, we offer free repair or replacement solutions. Outside the warranty, spare parts and assistance are available at a reduced price for your equipment's maintenance.

The straight parasol: simplicity and tradition

The straight parasol features a more traditional design and operation, with a central vertical pole supporting the canopy. Although less flexible in placement and orientation than the cantilever model, the straight parasol offers simplicity suitable for many outdoor spaces. It is generally easier to install and maintain than the cantilever parasol and can be a more economical option.

The ingenious design of the straight parasol makes it ideal for limited-space areas where every inch counts. Plus, if your garden table has a central hole, the straight parasol proves to be the perfect option for creating a comfortably shaded area while maintaining a harmonious aesthetic.

The elegance of pergolas

If you're looking for a more permanent and stylish solution, a pergola might be the best option.

A pergola creates a defined and sophisticated outdoor area that provides both shade and a light shelter against the elements. Besides offering sun protection, a pergola can also support climbing plants, adding a touch of greenery and freshness to your outdoor space.

Transforming your terrace or garden into almost an additional outdoor living room, a pergola offers a comfortable and welcoming space for relaxation and socialising.

Pergolas come in a variety of materials, such as wood, metal, and wrought iron, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your style and budget.

Belveo's wrought iron pergolas offer an elegant and robust solution for creating a comfortable outdoor area. Made with quality materials, our pergolas provide effective sun protection while adding a sophisticated touch to your garden or terrace.

Factors to consider when making your choice

When deciding between a parasol and a pergola, consider the following elements:

Space size: A smaller terrace may be better suited to a parasol, while a large garden can benefit from a more imposing pergola.

Budget: Parasols tend to be less expensive than pergolas, but costs can vary based on size, material, and quality.

Aesthetic: Consider the overall appearance you desire for your outdoor space and choose the option that integrates best with your style.

Commitment: Note that installing a pergola is more engaging than a parasol. Once set up, a pergola becomes a permanent structure and cannot be easily removed like a parasol. This requires a more thoughtful decision and a long-term commitment to your outdoor layout.


    Parasols offer a mobile and flexible solution, ideal for optimal sun protection, while pergolas create an elegant and enduring exterior, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your garden. With a wide range of options available, including cantilever parasols and gazebo pergolas, you can create the perfect outdoor leisure space for those sunny spring days.

    At Belveo, we offer a variety of high-quality parasols and pergolas in various shades of grey, designed to provide both style and shade for your leisure days. Our stock includes cantilever parasols, with their adjustable pole and base options, and the versatile wrought irons pergolas.

    Parasols are well-suited for small spaces or seasonal use, whereas pergolas provide a stylish solution for a lasting outdoor arrangement. Moreover, parasols are generally more affordable and require less maintenance than a pergola.

    Whatever your final choice, be it a cantilever parasol for its flexibility or a pergola for its permanence, ensure you're creating a paradise corner where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful days in peace.

    March 29, 2024 — Briana Ntolla